Architects, designers, developers, and builders need high-quality renderings or 3d animations to help illustrate and sell their projects and ideas.

But there are some problems when they find these tasks too demanding for themselves, such as:

1) No in-house 3d visualization designer

2) Overwhelmed workload. Even if they have in-house 3d visualization staff, the team might have been overwhelmed with the current workload and thus even one simple image could be the last straw on the camel.

3) Lack of required skillset. Sometimes clients might set a bar too high for in-house visualizers, but at the same time, this problem can’t be expected resolved any time soon, since training takes time.

That’s why we see an urgent and massive demand for 3D visualization outsourcing.

Sanshui Cultural Center

Sanshui Cultural Center

Of course, most of people have a concern on spending money, as they are not sure of the quality they will get in return to the expenditure and time spent, also no one wants to get burned when the output is far from their expectation. So how to choose the right 3d visualization firm to outsource to? Are there any metrics to evaluate when trying to decide who to outsource to? Below are some tips.

First of all, rendering price, quality and timely delivery are the primary factors. Looking into the project requirement, you should measure what makes sense to you, price, quality or timely delivery. If you need high quality and superior service for your project, please keep in mind that quality comes with the price. It’s strongly recommended to do a research, like checking the credentials, company reputation in the market, past projects and people’s caliber, before you hire an outsourcing company.

Second, local 3D CGI firms, or overseas rendering company? Each coin has two sides. For countries like Europe and USA, working locally may be an easy solution because of the same time zones and no language issues, but it is expensive to take works from their own people because of very high manpower costs. If they choose to outsource to other countries, like China, Indonesia or India, they can save lots of money. But sometimes they may face the language issues due to the different languages around the world. They may also have to face the issue of time difference as working hours will be different. But it is happening and seen everywhere that English is spoken well in the outsourcing markets, like Frontop. And time difference, when thought about in a different perspective, can be an advantage, for the simple reason that every single hour of the day can be fully utilized.

Third, skilled visualizers. High-end software doesn’t always guarantee good results, but skilled visualizers can produce excellent work no matter what software they use. Nowadays, because of the developing education system, the talented people could be found in the world.

Sanshui Cultural Center

Sanshui Cultural Center

The rest is for you. Discerning eyes can tell greatness from mediocrity. Good luck!