Dear Sir/Madam,

As the leading architect company in UAE, you are proficient in creating innovative designs catering to your clients. Nevertheless you will encounter with the headaches that you can’t present a perfect visualizations to your clients due to the fact that your visualization can’t pick up the core of your designs from time to time.

That is why we introduce ourselves to you:

  1. 14 years history in CG industry. We were, we are and we will be offering the 3D visualization services to your company.
  2. International Project Experience. We have been working with well-known architecture companies for almost a decade, including Zaha Hadid, BDP, HOK, Woodsbagot, 10 Design, Benoy, DP Architect etc.
  3. Architecture Sense. What makes Frontop really stand out is what we have architects working here, who will keep an eye on the project-producing. To show our sincerity, we would like to visit your company at the end of November.

There might be 3 seniors in total: Mr. Ben Liu, Overseas Technical Director, Mr. Markus Kuhlo, Creative Director and Mrs. Diya Zhou, Overseas Marketing Director. Please kindly let us know when you are available. So that we can arrange the meeting accordingly.

Below is one image we made for a UAE client. Let me know if you want more reference images.

high-rise building exterior

high-rise building exterior

Awaiting for your kind reply.

Thanks and best regards,

Frontop CG