The culture of Feng Shui in China has a rather long history. After thousands of years of hard work and painstaking research, there are many profound ideas and intelligent theories being inherited. It’s a general scene in China that interior design should co-opt surroundings to enrich the lives of people who live in that particular home. It should use nature to it’s advantage to make the resident’s life easy. Please allow me to take you on an introductory tour of how to incorporate practical Feng Shui into your home interiors.

Clean the clutter

Free flow of energy is the cornerstone of Feng Shui. It proposes that we are energetically connected to everything we own. So if there is an overwhelming amount of items in your home/office, it will tend to pull you down and reduce productivity. Keep it simple. Let every room have a purpose and let all elements in it’s interior design build toward that purpose alone.

Fix things that aren’t working

There is a saying in Feng Shui,the broken items disrupt the “qi” or said another way, energy of the house.For example, faucets, electrical items, home appliances – whatever it maybe, fix them as soon as they start showing issues.

Furniture placements

One prominent idea in Feng Shui dealing with the positioning of furniture is that chairs, sofas and beds should be placed in such a position that you can see the room entrance but not directly in front of the door, if not you will feel “disempowered”. The logic behind such furniture placement is that you should be able to see what is going on in the rooms. In this sense you have “power” over everything that goes on around you.

Choosing the right color

As per Feng Shui,color has a great impact on our lives.Different color has different meaning,which implies some certain wish or symbol.We should choose the color palette of our home or office according to what we desire to achieve in life, eg.  red is considered as excitement,representing luck and happiness and is generally preferred for the bedroom. Feng Shui goes further to suggest in which direction color should be placed to get what you desire. Environment psychologist have verified some of these claims to scientifically true. Our brain does respond to certain color in a particular way.

Plants for your space

To experience nature is an inherent need, and Feng Shui recommends incorporating followers and plants in home/office decor with each of them representing a particular type of energy. Such as: Peony flowers represent female beauty and healing, lotus is a symbol of purity and harmony etc. On the practical side, having plants purifies the air in a room. It adds warmth to the entire settings.

Chinese Fengshui

Chinese Fengshui

Anyway, for you, remember that the Monkey has a freedom loving, kind and independent energy. By attuning yourself with the beneficial aspects of this energy, you can enjoy a good and productive 2016 – the Monkey year. And always, always – no matter what is happening in your life – do your best to generate kindness. Have a beautiful 2016!