We understand that vis-à-vis communication is the most efficient and productive, rather than a cold email or a slightly warmer phone call; we understand that Dubai is undergoing a dramatic change and development with 2020 World Expo just around the corner; we understand that this great city is now thirsting for cutting-edge architectural designs. Frontop feels the urge to learn more about this land of wonder, and about our clients both in Dubai and working on projects there. To serve them in a more professional and efficient fashion, we made a trip there, only to unveil the Pearl in the Gulf.

During this visit, we met quite a few interesting architects from all over the world. These meetings greatly boosted our confidence in serving this city well, since we found out how much these 2 biggest merging markets in the world, China and UAE, have in common in terms of visualization needs, as listed below. Frontop CG, as a visualization provider for China Pavilion in 2010 Shanghai World Expo and well experienced in handling these needs, would make a perfect candidate visualization provider for 2020 Dubai World Expo.