Ever since its foundation in 2002, Frontop has made its name in the architectural visualization, and rapidly fought its way to leading position in China. It was a splendid journey, but Frontop did not just stop there—we began to turn to overseas market, a much bigger world to be explored. Over the years, Frontop has had the privileges working with international top-notch firms, like Gensler, HOK, Zaha Hadid, Woods Bagot and Benoy, just to name a few, whilst Frontop keeps on raising the bars of quality and gaining valued experience with international projects, in terms of either production techniques and project management.

At Frontop we have this saying, similar is different. We say this a lot and we truly believe this is what makes Frontop really stand out from all the others. We know for sure that it’d be difficult to make something good better, and even more so to perfect it, yet we persist with pleasure, simply because we know that you are doing the same with your design.

Our Zero-Repeated Comment System makes yet another attraction for the big names. We have architects working with us here, with real architecture sense. Your design intents will be studied and well understood. A project meeting will be held right before we get to work, to study the project information and make sure we are in the correct direction. During the whole production, a project manager will be mandated, to make sure that every piece of your comments have been covered. Afterwards, your reviews will also be carefully and fully collected and studied, so that we know how to make it better for you next time.