Frontop is specialized in research and application of 3D content and technology. Besides architectural rendering, architectural walkthrough and architectural concept presentation, our services also include digital product showcasing, multimedia presentation, 3D animation, network application, real estate app development, museum and exhibition design.

"Using our experience in the field of architectural visualization and architectural design, we understand the "
architects’ ideas and creation, so we can present the design incisively and vivid.

In more than 14 years of rapid development, Frontop has become one of the leading architectural visualization companies in China. Consisted of a talented and experienced team of 3D artists, designers and architects, Frontop strives to provide our clients with high quality service. Thanks to our efficient workflow every cooperation with our clients has been very smooth and productive.

Efficient Workflow
We have always been striving to help you achieve the best quality in the shortest possible time. Communication is very important in our field of work so we offer you proficient English language support. As timely communication is essential in this business, you can always reach us via instant messaging, phone calls and emails.

Import and Modeling
No matter which software you are using to create your 3D model or 2D CAD drawing, we can work with almost every file format. After receiving the files we will import your model into 3ds max or will model it according to your drawings. If you provide a Rhino file we will use a special plugin for import which allows us to keep the NURBS geometry without converting it into a mesh, so it will always have the highest level of detail without any tessellation.

Camera and Light
As soon as we are finish the model import we will send out camera previews for your review and approval. In this stage we want to confirm if the model is correct and the camera angles match your preference so that we can start with post-production. Additionally we will ask you which mood and ambience each image shall have and if you can provide us with reference images you like so we can achieve the same effect.

After the model, camera position and mood ambience have been confirmed for all images we will start with rendering and post production. This includes adding trees, cars, people and scene assets. After some rounds of comments we will send you final drafts in higher resolution so you can check and make some final comments. The final image will be provided to you in 5000px resolution. If you need a higher resolution please let us know right from the beginning.
For maximized efficiency and satisfaction, we will have the previews checked internally before sending out to you, so that we can make sure all comments have been properly addressed and you do not have to repeat yourself. Saving your time and finishing every project on time is very important to us.