Remember your grandma would always say, slow and steady wins the race? That’s how we deal with your projects here at Frontop. Wait, did I say “slow”? Well, we are of course not taking it slow, but the steady part is definitely true. We believe in “One thing at a time”, that’s why our production flow of 3D Renderings is mainly divided into 2 parts: Modeling and Post Production.
  We work with 3ds Max, Rhino and Sketchup models, and you are always welcome to send over one of these, or if you need us to build up the model, please send us the AutoCAD drawings: site plan, interior plan, elevation and section.
  After we do some necessary tweaking to your model, or build up the full 3D model, we will send over draft images for model details and view angles checking. Feel free to let us know if you feel like panning the camera a bit left or right! This check-and-revise goes back for forth between you and Frontop, until you are happy with the model and view angles.
  Please kindly note that in modeling part, we ONLY deal with massing/shapes, view angles and textures, so please hold on to your creative mind for color pallet, ambience or light setting, landscape designs, or even 3D people and cares until post production part.
  Post Production:
  This is when we bring the rendering to life with landscape/surroundings, lighting and textures. You are encouraged to send us any reference images to help us get the right idea of the style/ambience/atmosphere, anytime before we come into this section. Again, draft images will be sent for your review and confirmation (we are looking at 3 or 4 rounds, yet there have been some very successful cases where it took only 1 preview!), before we get everything right and render the final images for you.