R&F Princess Cove – Malaysia Animation

Project Name: R&F Princess Cove

Location: Malaysia

Category: Mixed-use

Developer: Guangzhou R&F Properties

R&F Princess Cove is the first try of Guangzhou R&F Properties’ investing to oversea market. The amount of investment is up to 1.4 billion, leading real estate industry in Malaysia to a brand new high-quality age.

The concept of this promotional video is “24 hours of never-ending moveable feast”. We use the flow of time to highlight the advantages of this mix-use project. In the creativity of frame, we use the visual hyperbole as big human and small cities to indicate cosmopolitan proudly arrival, the international colorful life at your fingertips, create a high-end, elegant, romantic atmosphere of cosmopolitan life, which deliver the core value of the project.

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