“Sharp tools make good work.” This saying of wisdom has been spreading for thousands of years ever since the time of Confucius, and benefiting many. Among this benefited crowd, Frontop knows it best. Before we ever get ready to roll up our sleeves for each project, and when we are working on one, there will be several meetings, to make sure things are going well.

Right after receiving all the project info from you, the account manager, production manager and all the other production team members, either modeling team or post production team, will gather around for a kick-off meeting. This is to make sure that everyone on the project team is on the same page, in terms of either your very detailed specific and detailed requirements, or some difficult parts to be cracked, before sending the team to work.

It’s more than that. After the modeling is finished, there will be a transition meeting between modeling team and post production team. Why is that necessary you ask? It’s because sometimes there are more than one scene involved in a project, and it takes more than one artist. In this case, a transition meeting would help to make sure the right person are working on the right model, thus reduce the risk of inefficient redundant working hours.

Some other meetings will also be held at certain milestone of the project, especially when the project goes astray with misunderstandings and unexpected emergencies. This meeting helped dodge many bullets and restored our faith through many battles.