Apple Maps has a hidden VR/AR trick in iOS 11 | Best Vr 2.0 Glasses

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I understand that I’m in the minority and that’s cool. My own experience is that when I got the wireless I went back to play a lot of games and spent more time on them. Also the ability to spin around in my chair added a lot of freedom. I couldn’t have known before I tried it but I guess I’ve been ruined and I can’t go back to feeling tethered with games that really need full 360.

"Forged in History" will be athe theme throughout The Smithy, incorporating both Guest & Member Artists on all floors.

I know oculus uses foveated rendering in the go and I wouldn’t be surprise if the quest will too it’s up to dev to use it

In this opening act, Pagnol leisurely introduces a diverse array of villagers, including Aimable and his wife, all of whom the filmmaker lovingly mocks, slyly playing up each of their idiosyncrasies. Yet these portrayals are rendered with such precise regional flair that they come across as neither mean-spirited nor overly broad. In fact, Pagnol’s representation of the townspeople, and Le Castellet, occupies the middle ground between caricature and psychological realism, just as the film’s tone seamlessly fluctuates between outright farce and emotionally grounded drama, never firmly settling in either direction.

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Fishing Clinics Learn how to tie fishing knots, bait a hook, cast a fishing rod, and maybe even reel up a fish! Guided by a marine biologist and expert anglers, you’ll learn the basics of line fishing, while catch-and-releasing some of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s aquatic organisms.

I was a 21-year-old college student going to summer school at the University of Dijon in France. The French were very excited about the moon landing. The French newspaper, "France Soir," devoted the entire front page of the paper to a giant photo of Neil Armstrong. – Susan Kjelstrup, Madison

“Alita’s World” is a series of narrated motion comics that give added context to the background of the film’s dystopian future. None provides much information that one couldn’t glean from context clues in the film, but they’re nonetheless engaging mico-stories. Behind-the-scenes documentaries cover the production in rich detail, particularly the intense effort that James Cameron took in shepherding Yukito Kishiro’s manga to the screen, from crafting art reels and commissioning thick tomes of concept art to his extended attempts to wrestle the material into a shootable script. There are also extended looks at Rosa Salazar’s preparation to play Alita and the film’s detailed motion-capture technology. A Q&A with the cast and crew is also included, as are more specialized featurettes about some of the specifics of the film, such as an overview of the sport of motorball and VFX breakdowns for some scenes.

The advent of commercial air travel and the rapid expansion of American suburbia made inexpensive, single-family housing–and cross-country travel–attainable for more and more people. By 1950, just 21% of American households contained two or more generations. New funding for nursing homes from the Federal Housing Administration led to a boom in private nursing homes in 1950s and ’60s, and over time it became more and more normal to self-select into senior housing rather than living with your children. By 1980, the number of multigenerational homes had dropped to just 12%, according to Pew.

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I’d pay $1200 for it. Where I live, the Vive Pro sells for $1640 and up, so the Index would be a bargain in comparison. If they manage to sell it for as little as $800, then I’m delighted.

It involves a process of authenticity certification, which makes use of Salesforce Blockchain technology to guarantee data security and incorruptibility. The protection system aims to prevent counterfeiting; to trace and certify all the information related to the model; and at the same time favor an increase of value for all the stakeholders. 

Now, for the first time ever, you can discover the land of the spirit bear for yourself, via New England’s only IMAX Dome screen!

Yes, but Skyrim is a totally different experience in VR and worth playing again. At least its a full game. Name another full game that’s in VR. Sure its a 10 year old game but it’s not like developers are going to create a next gen game of that scale for VR. It would flop unless it was so compelling it drove VR hardware sales.

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