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In one of the film’s most obtuse depictions of people staring, Pharaon becomes entranced by the large, reddened neck of his police commissioner (Chislain Ghesquère) while the pair drive across the countryside. Whatever Pharaon’s interest in the man’s body, the close-up reveals his skin as an abstract, nearly indiscernible image. In this instance, all we see, in effect, is blood covered by a thin layer of flesh. These grotesque implications reducing human beings to meat might recall the paintings of Francis Bacon, particularly 1936’s Abstraction from the Human Form. That Pharaon is a descendent of the 19th-century painter Pharaon De Winter—and even lends some of De Winter’s paintings for an exhibition to a nearby gallery halfway through the film—makes explicit the linkage between L’Humanité and artifice. Because Pharaon stares at these paintings with the same expression he offers to the world, we’re further made aware that we’re not merely, as viewers, gazing upon the lives of real people. Dumont reconciles each character’s personal desire through his own cultural and artistic means, something the natural world, in all its incomprehensible vastness, cannot afford them.

> I don’t want to have to jump ecosystems and repurchase all my games when the next great headset comes out

One other note is how the new Acer OJO will compare since it may be based on same reference model, like their first WMR version.

I don’t recall if it was the next night but Joann and I had been invited to Larry Woodson’s home to watch the man first set foot on the moon. Again, it was late at night but in addition there were no TV stations in Laos so Larry’s new TV picked up a grainy TV signal from Thailand. There were about 10 of us crowded around the 19” black and white screen watching with rapt attention as Neil Armstrong exited the lander and stepped on the moon surface. It was fun watching him jump around as he traversed the moon surface. It looked like fun to be able to jump so easily.

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A new commentary with writer Richard Harland Smith offers an engaging deep dive into the symbolism of Alice, Sweet Alice, discussing with particular acuity the film’s understanding of the hidden worlds that children foster, and how these worlds parallel those of the adults. (One example is Alice’s suggestively satanic version of a confession booth.) Smith also provides considerable biographical information on the film’s participants, which is complemented by the archive commentary by director Alfred Sole and editor M. Edward Salier. Sole generously cites the contributions of his collaborators, especially Salier, whom he says “saved him” by helping to fashion suspenseful rhythms from his footage.

And you KNOW that, how, exactly? Do you work in Vive’s returns dept? That’s the only way you could.

– 2160×2160 or higher – Eye tracking – Hands tracking – Wireless – Perfect tracking even behind my body – Inside out tracking – 400/500 dollars max

What i would find interesting and appealing would be if MS and partners announce the next set of WMR headsets get 4+ cams and controller interoperability with Oculus Touch (Rift S/Quest version) and the next gen of WMR headsets ships with either Rift S/Quest touch controllers or basically ones with same configuration made by the MS partner manufacturers. So basically i’m suggestion a good move by them could be pushing for more interoperability with Oculus controller hardware and software. (The same would be cool regarding less finicky to set up cross compatibility with Valve Index controllers, too, but less easily feasible since different tracking method, they could at least also work closer with Valve to make that less cumbersome to set up, too though)

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Dude you have the controllers in front of you OF COURSE the tracking is good ! What we are referring to is when your hands go outside the FOV and in so many games you need to do so. Losing tracking there means no more game no more fun. You need to act in a split second to make the difference between being dead meat or the winner of the round (Pavlov, Onward, Contractors).

Criterion’s release of Marcel Pagnol’s bucolic comedy classic boasts a stunning transfer and a modest but enlightening selection of extras.

It’s not really comparable. iPhones have a yearly upgrade cycle, we don’t really think of them as “generations” in the same we do consoles. If we’re calling VR headset updates generations then it suggests people are looking for big leap advancements rather than small incremental changes.

My VR journey started with Cardboard, to the Gear VR (which regularly overheated and throttled), to Windows Mixed Reality. While the tracking is not perfect (throwing things in Rec Room is the most frustrating), everything else is fantastic. My default PC space is limited, and I am running out of USB ports, so its setup is perfect. As with all technology I will eventually upgrade, but right now for me it is VR nirvana.

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