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A number of other small bits of local color—including an amusing, ongoing squabble between two neighbors, Barnabé (Marcel Maupi) and Antonin (Charles Blavette), over one man’s tree casting a shadow over a garden on the other man’s property—fill out the narrative of The Baker’s Wife, breathing additional life into Pagnol’s seriocomic representation of village life. But Aimable, who’s positioned as something of a tragic clown, ultimately serves as the beating heart around which all the townspeople and proceedings revolve.

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If you don’t have that kind of money, you can only hope that the market grows fast enough so that developers and manufacturers can spread the cost. So you should want new HMDs to be as usable to the masses as possible, meaning simple setup, low hardware requirements and cheap price.

I mean, they don’t want to talk about a future product while they’re in the midst of launching their current product. I fully expect them to start talking more about Half Dome (or some other prototype) at Oculus Connect this year, then having it show up at conventions for a while, and then doing a full launch of the Rift 2 (or whatever it’s called) in Q1 2021.

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So how does all of this work on the road you may ask? If you went out for a ride without perusing the spec sheet, you’d probably be pretty impressed by its handling, ride and general performance. With 402-hp available, the e-Tron isn’t designed to outdrag a Model X P100D with ludicrous mode. Even a V10-powered R8 can’t do that. However, you will almost never find yourself wanting for thrust when you press the go-pedal. It just smoothly, seamlessly and silently accelerates as EVs always do. Audi claims 0-60 acceleration in about 5.5 seconds and that sounds about right.

My son Bob came home last month to celebrate his 50th birthday (and my parents’ 70th wedding anniversary) and I still remember all the wonder of 1969. – Tina Mandeville, Madison

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The fourth Walk For Edie will take place on Sunday, September 15th, at Lynch Park in Beverly, MA. Their hope is to inspire as many people as possible to walk together along one of Edie’s favorite routes in Beverly. Representative of positivity and overall health of the body and mind, they believe that coming together for this event will help celebrate Edie’s memory and create a community bond for future Walks for Edie and other events.

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I have a PC with a heavily over clocked processor (8086K @5.4ghz) and top end GPU (RTX2080Ti), I find myself revisiting classic PC games because having exhausted the best content in PC VR (using Oculus Rift, Lenovo WMR and Vive Pro) there isn’t enough compelling content to keep me engaged.

It’s a suitable enough of an upgrade for me. I wouldn’t throw $400 at it but I will for around $100 since I should be able to sell my CV1 with a third sensor for around $300

This July 20, 1969, file photo provided by NASA shows a view of the Apollo Command Module with astronaut Michael Collins aboard as seen from the Lunar Module. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin in the Lunar Module separated from Apollo 11 to prepare to go to the lunar surface.

While MS was the first that announced VR for their console, it was too early to actually make that move. And rightly at that time they held back. But at the same time they saw forward, far ahead from temporary gains with such a move, and offered WMR to everyone, which is something that helped VR improve itself as a whole. Look at every maker having what is actually a WMR philosophy device out there. Even when they pretend they invented it themselves.

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