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CV1 user here – I LOVE the Rift but I’m keen for even a slight upgrade after 3 years, and not having to replace the hmd for the same fault each year would be nice. Obviously I’m not getting a Rift S, and what I really struggle to understand is who their target audience is for the Rift S. If I were new to VR, and was happy to spend $400 (I still think that’s way too high for new adopters unless they’re already sure what they’re getting into) then I would definitely buy a Quest over a Rift S. The Quest (which I’ve also no reason to purchase-although it looks a quality product tbf) looks like the perfect product to increase the VR user-base – It’s standalone and tetherless etc. Nobody needs to buy a PC or upgrade a current PC in order to play or fanny around with wires and sensors and it looks smart; Convenience really appeals to those getting into a newer technology. Quest seems like a great package for what it is. But who is the Rift S aimed at, apart from devs? I presume they’re cutting costs by swapping out for cheaper parts, but why bother continuing down this Rift route when the Quest is coming out also?! Nobody will buy the Rift S imo so it just feels like a massive waste. It feels like because FB know we were originally expecting a Rift 2 at some stage, they felt they had to give us enthusiasts SOMETHING, but surely they knew they couldn’t convince us that this is anything but a downgrade on the Rift (depite Nate Thingymabob trying to do so in that cringworthy video of him being interviewed about Rift S with a massive fake grin on his face; pretending the hmd is great.

The Frog Pond spray pool and wading program is open daily from 11:00am to 6:00pm until Labor Day. The facility is managed by the Boston Common Frog Pond Foundation and staffed by youth workers from the Boston Youth Fund.

Positive Aging Exercise for Seniors – Brooklyn Public Library – Kings Bay Branch August 13, 2019 – Brooklyn

Open to all fitness levels! This flowing and meditative Vinyasa yoga class has an emphasis on breathing and healthy pose alignment. Great for those who want a restorative practice. Unlock the tension in your body and relieve stress while building core strength with a mindful focus.

Hot-selling Machine Rendering Wall -<br />
 Guangzhou Tencent Building - Frontop

What if google is spying on you and selling your info? ;p what if Samsung does so? Dude, ofc they do, its what living in todays society means.

The main event here is a 2008 commentary track with Agnieszka Holland. Though dry and prone to pregnant pauses, Holland is informative, covering everything from the initially divisive response sparked by Europa Europa to her unusually playful approach to serious subject matter. Also included are three 15-to-20-minute interviews. Holland’s chat hits much of the same beats as her commentary, while lead actor Marco Hofschneider goes into more detail about the filmmaker’s desire to have a non-actor play the lead, so as to bring a sense of naïveté to the role that would mirror that of the young Salomon Perel. In his interview, Perel himself opens up about what led him to first share his story and how he survived not by pretending to be someone else, but by allowing himself to be swept up in insidious ideologies. The package is rounded out with a brief video essay by film scholar Annette Insdorf, who unpacks the film’s visual motifs, and an expectedly perceptive essay by film critic Amy Taubin.

However, constant enemy flinching and a half-baked magic system, as well as the briefly mentioned frustrating wall jumping, are indeed major issues that turn me off from this game. I’ll pass.

A year-round recreational facility, the Frog Pond offers a spray pool and supervised wading for youngsters in the summer. Just over the hill on the other side of the common kids of all ages can catch a Carousel Ride on the Boston Common Carousel.

Hot-selling Machine Rendering Wall -<br />
 Guangzhou Tencent Building - Frontop

“Haze is one of those things we struggled with for a while,” says Villa. “It’s difficult to make a brilliantly clear beer, and it’s difficult to make a hazy beer that stays hazy. What you find out is that the bigger the particles, the more they settle out. That’s why the haze can’t be yeast, because yeast settles out. You’ve got to rely on the really small molecules—a mixture of carbohydrate and protein. We figured out how to brew, and I can’t say exactly how, but we figured out how to do it so those particles stay in suspension for a long time. It’s brewing-derived. There’s nothing exogenous added to Blue Moon. Over the years, I’ve analyzed competitive products, and there are beers out there that use pectin because pectin stays in suspension. There are other beers that use oil emulsions, and you can look under a microscope and see millions of little oil beadlets. So there are different ways to look at it, but Blue Moon has always been natural.”

That his imprint remains strong; his influences endure and that people who knew him or his work felt he improved their lives.

A number of characters use “heavy glasses” devices for AR and VR during the show. This show is set in early 2030’s which is probably correct in terms of technology for AR

The Central Park Zoo team will show you around and teach you about different animals, the importance of conservation, and fun ways to enjoy the outdoors through games and science.

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